Can cougar love tales have delighted ending?

Can cougar love tales have delighted ending?

(These love tales are typical real. Just the names have already been changed.)

We’re all acquainted with the Hollywood form of cougar relationships: Demi and Ashton, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, J. Lo along with her boy toy that is latest, Drake.

But what about nearer to home, in real world — can cougar relationships actually work?

Let’s talk about Kate, 42, and Tom, 27: both actors who share numerous friends that are mutual and who does see one another at shows and premieres. Tom friend-requested Kate on Twitter, where they discovered a immediate connection, geeking away over thespians they both admired and arcane Star Wars lore. It wasn’t well before Tom took it personal, PM-ing Kate videos and gifs they might comment on endlessly.

He was “very quiet,” according to Kate when they would see each other in person, though.

“Earlier she was older,” Tom says on I knew. “Siyempre nahihiya pa ako sa kanya.”

That dynamic only changed after a celebration whenever Tom got jealous seeing Kate flirt with another man. Via a friend that is mutual he mustered up the courage to inquire about her to a movie.

Kate, meanwhile, ended up being cautious about dating more youthful males. She’d been involved in some guy a decade more youthful whom managed their dalliance being a “shame relationship,” acting affectionate when drunk but when sober would disavow any such thing he did or said with “let’s not make an excessive amount of this,” or “let’s maybe not get too fast.”

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