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Weight loss due to the expenditure of fat mass and a set of muscle mass — the processes are different, but largely multidirectional. In some aspects, they are even opposite. Therefore, it is most often practiced either by first gaining mass (for the thin), and then drying, or, on the contrary, first losing weight (for overweight people), and then (if necessary) building hgh and weight loss muscles. We will now talk specifically about reducing fat mass.

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3 points are important for burning fat: 1) to activate the process of splitting fats, 2) to preserve the existing muscle tissue, 3) to maintain the general tone and resistance of the body. Therefore, a complex of sports nutrition for hgh weight loss fat burning must necessarily include the following components.

How to Speed Up Your Metabolism For Faster Fat Loss With Weight Training!

1. Fat burner. This category includes substances having a different mechanism of action, and new additives are constantly appearing, the effectiveness of which is later denied. Quite arbitrarily, two main classes of substances can be distinguished: thermogenics (mainly caffeine and drugs based on it — guarana, green tea extract, etc.) and muscle pics lipotropics (carnitine, omega-3, etc.). Many Suspendu un championnat de culturisme après l’abandon massif de ses participants complexes combine different substances to achieve a synergistic effect (mutual strengthening of the active components). If carnitine is not part of the selected fat burner, it makes sense to take it separately, since it helps transport fatty acids to the processing site, promotes more active fat metabolism and performs a number of other useful functions.

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It must be remembered that some components that are part of fat burners in large quantities can be dangerous (for example, caffeine can cause an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, etc.), so do not exceed the dosages recommended by the manufacturer.

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2. BCAA. A complex of essential amino acids that nourish the muscles and suppress their destruction. This supplement inhibits the destruction of muscles, which in the process of losing weight may lack energy. BCAA intake helps maintain existing muscle tissue and stimulates its growth, even what foods build muscle mass fast with overall weight loss. In order not to get stuck in a vicious circle, when muscles lose weight together with fat during weight À propos des muscles et de la santé loss, and fat returns again during weight gain, take BCAA during training or immediately after. The amino acid complex does not contain carbohydrates and fats and, thus, does not interfere with the active consumption of calories, but does not allow the body to destroy muscles.

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3. Protein. A significant part of the protein consumed during weight loss should be a «slow» protein, such as casein, or a complex mixture. A protein with a long how fast can you lose weight on clenbuterol assimilation period has the least tendency to be deposited in the form of fats, but at the same time it provides support for the body’s amino acid reserves for a long time, helping to discard excess adipose tissue and block muscle destruction. It is better to take protein in long breaks between meals, as well as an hour and a half before training.

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4. Vitamins and minerals. All processes of intensive restructuring of the body (weight loss, weight gain, etc.) require the rapid consumption of the most will 200mg of testosterone build muscle important substances that are actively involved in metabolic processes and are not produced in the body, but coming Stimmt es, dass Cardio mit leerem Magen mehr Fett verbrennt? from outside. Therefore, in such a period, it is required to increase the intake of vitamins and minerals required by the body in order to neutralize the destructive effects of powerful training stress.

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5. Additional additives. If necessary, you can additionally take various specialized supplements — fish oil or omega-3 unsaturated acids, cortisol blockers — the main enzyme responsible for the destruction of muscle proteins, fat and carbohydrate blockers — substances that reduce the absorption of the corresponding substances in the digestive tract.

It must be remembered that when losing weight, a carefully balanced diet and training is required. Otherwise, taking your various supplements will only make your wallet easier, and the extra pounds of weight will remain with you viagra for muscle growth.