Review: Raya Pro – the Digital Blending Panel for Photoshop

Review: Raya Pro – the Digital Blending Panel for Photoshop

A years that are few, i ran across professional photographer Jimmy McIntyre’s video program “The Art of Digital Blending.” The program totally changed the real way i take and edit pictures. For my writeup on the program and exactly how it changed my photography, take a good look at the article “The Art of Digital Blending” Video Course by Jimmy McIntyre back at my web site.

The program introduced me to electronic mixing with luminosity masks, which quickly became certainly one of the best approaches to my modifying toolkit.

Digital mixing is an alternative that is great the typical HDR processing. In place of depending on a program’s algorithm to merge multiple pictures together, it is possible to manually mix with the aid of luminosity masks in Photoshop. This might be an enhanced technique the can be overwhelming, nonetheless it provides a huge level of control of the whole process that is blending.

When McIntyre noticed the high initial learning curve that avoided the mass use of their electronic mixing method, he created a solution that is brilliant. He developed a brand new plugin for Photoshop called the Raya Pro enabling photographers to benefit from luminosity mixing and bypass the intimidation element of Photoshop.

Raya professional is an instrument that can help photographers simplify their modifying workflow in Photoshop.

Photoshop is a extremely effective device but, on top of that, it’s also a program that is complex. Once I worked as being a visual designer, we utilized a certain pair of tools and approaches to Photoshop. Once I switched to web site design, those tools changed.

Now being employed as a professional photographer, We have a set that is new of and face many different unique Photoshop challenges. My point is the fact that it could be tough to choose in order to find the right tools and approaches to the vastness of Photoshop.

Raya Pro addresses those challenges. The plugin creates numerous panels in Photoshop that just show the various tools and actions particular to blending that is digital the photography workflow.

I will now finish 90% of my picture modifying making use of just the Raya professional panel.

I actually do maybe not make use of the Raya Pro for a basis that is daily, in extreme situations whenever the rest has unsuccessful, i am aware i will constantly count on luminosity mixing.

Made up of Digital Blending

As a whole, the latest version regarding the Raya professional has 7 panels. Let’s quickly undergo them.

1. Raya Professional HUB

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The HUB panel serves two primary purposes.

First, it really is a launch pad when it comes to other panels. With respect to the kind of modifying you intend doing, you will introduce one of many six panels through the HUB: Insta Mask, Precision Masks, fast Blend, Colors, Dodge & Burn, and Filters/Finish.

2nd, the HUB offers you some fundamental functionalities like Undo, Delete, Layer, or Delete Mask. My favorite choice is Stack, which lets you combine most of the images presently available in Photoshop into a unique PSD file on split levels. ebony flirt This will be a time saver that is huge.

The shows and Shadows choice enables you to develop a luminosity that is basic for fast mixing.

Mixing Panels

The top line regarding the Raya Pro HUB provides use of three mixing panels.

I suggest exploring the Quick Blend Panel first if you start with image blending. Here is the simplest panel with less choices and much less complexity.

Like you need more options to refine the luminosity masks, try the Precision Masks panel if you feel. This panel provides a balance that is nice of and handbook choices.

The InstaMask is considered the most complex and powerful of the many mixing panels. You likely do not need the Precision Masks or Quick Blending panels if you manage to master this panel. The InstaMask panel guidelines all of them.

2. Quick Mixing

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The Quick Blend Panel is made for photographers that are simply beginning in digital mixing. The panel delivers a simplified semiautomated method of electronic blending.

you begin the method by striking the beginning key. The plugin immediately produces six various mixing versions. You get through each variation by pressing buttons one through six. You like the best, you press the Select button and you are done when you find the version. The method is quick and simple.

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